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Renewing the Countryside: WISCONSIN

Renewing the Countryside: WISCONSIN, by Jerry Hembd (Editor), Jody Padgham (Editor) and Hon. Jim Doyle (Foreword), is a beautifully illustrated book that showcases thirty-nine creative, hard-working people, businesses or organizations that are bringing new energy and hope to the countryside.


Through engaging stories, Renewing the Countryside: WISCONSIN explores how the state is leading the nation in sustainably grown food, environmentally responsible businesses, and home-grown, forward-looking answers to today's most pressing issues facing rural areas.  The book is a part of a series from the non-profit organization, Renewing the Countryside, a major sponsor of SOIL SISTERS.


Featuring beautiful photography, Renewing the Countryside: WISCONSIN showcases thirty-nine creative, hard-working people, organizations and businesses.  Seven sections include: Arts and Culture, Innovative Farming, Building Community, Towards a Healthy Planet, Travel and Recreation, Good Enough to Eat and Learning and Action.  For example, examine how the city of Washburn on Chequamegon Bay has become the country's first eco-municipality, how Growing Power is connecting urban Milwaukee kids to fresh food and the countryside and how innovative farmers and artisan food makers are bringing sustainably and organically grown products to customers throughout the state.


For SOIL SISTERS Workshop Participants and Attendees:


As a major sponsor of SOIL SISTERS, the non-profit organization Renewing the Countryside is making free copies of Renewing the Countryside: WISCONSIN available for participants and attendees of SOIL SISTERS Workshops.  These free books, valued at $26.95/copy, are made available, one copy per residential address or household, while supplies last.

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