Meet the Farm Animals

The following is a list of animals found on participating SOIL SISTERS farms. 


From goats to sheep and chickens to pigs, the soil sisters believe in diversity on their biologically rich and ecologically connected farms.  Nearly all the animals are raised on pasture, without being injected with growth hormones or routinely administered antibiotics.  They are cared for humanely.  


The listing below provides the name of the farm raising the livestock and, when available, the breed of the animal.  The farms sell their products to the public in various ways, including at farmers' markets, via a community supported agriculture (CSA) share model or on farm (depending on regulations related to meat products).


Thanks for your support of the local and sustainable food system.  Every dollar you spend supports sustainable family farms and a vibrant local economy.



Scotch Hill Farm (Oberhash & Saaneen)

Circle M Market Farm (Milking Crosses)

Katharsis Meadows (Nigerian dwarf/dairy)

Lucky Dog Farm (Oberhash)

The Little Red Homestead

Bluffwood Landing (Gotland Sheep)



Sandhill Family Farm (St. Croix hair)

Circle M Market Farm (Jacobs, Finn-ronbouillet)

Scotch Hill Farm (Icelandi Cross)

Grassroots Farm (Katahin Cross)

Bluffwood Landing (Jacobs, Tunis, CVM/Romeldale)

The Little Red Homestead


Chickens, for eggs or eating (aka "broilers")

Katharsis Meadows

Windy Hill Farm

Scotch Hill Farm (Arucana, Buff Orpington, other breeds)

Sandhill Family Farm (layers & broilers)

Circle M Market Farm

Dorothy's Range

Christensen's Farm

Grassroots Farm (Auracana, Barred Rock, for eggs; Red Ranger, broilers)

Lucky Dog Farm (laying hens, Red Ranger, broilers)

The Little Red Homestead


Grassroots Farm (White & Bronze Breasted)

Cows (for milking)

Sandhill Family Farm (Jersey)

Cows (for beef)

Grassroots Farm (Milking Shorthorn & Jersey/Angus Cross)

Christensen's Farm (Scottish Highland)

Circle M Market Farm



Sandhill Family Farm

Christensen's Farm

Circle M Market Farm

Katharsis Meadows (Muscovys)



Windy Hill Farm

Scotch Hill Farm

Circle M Market Farm (Berkshire)

Grassroots Farm (Duroc & Large Black)

Katharsis Meadows (Berkshaire)

Dorothy's Range (Large Black, Gloucestershire Old Spots, a heritage breed)

Lucky Dog Farm (Berkshire)



Sandhill Family Farm

Grassroots Farm (Emboen)



Sandhill Family Farm

Grassroots Farm


Ponies and Horses

Christensen's Farm (Norwegian Fjord Pony and American Shetland)

Circle M Market Farm


Livestock Guardian Dogs

Christensen's Farm (Great Pyrenees)

Winterfell Acres (Great Pyrenees)

Circle M Market Farm (Great Pyrenees)

Got goats.
Chickens, too.
Cows, they outnumber people in Green County.
Honk, honk, honk.
St. Croix Sheep.
Pigs galore.
Got more goats.