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In the News (from 2017) & Media Kit

Midwest Living Magazine


"Meet Wisconsin's Soil Sisters"

by Maggie Ginsberg

with Ann Hinga Klein

Photographer Bob Stefko

July/August, 2017







Chicago Natural Awakenings Magazine

"Mark Your Calendar to Join the

Soil Sisters on a Farmstead Adventure"

April, 2017








Wisconsin Farmers Union Newsletter

"Welcome to our Farmhood: Soil

Sisters Celebrate Rural Life"

by Danielle Endvick

May 30, 2017







Love Wisconsin

"When you have space to be free,

you can create, you can do, you

can explore."

Profile on Lisa Kivirist, featuring SOIL SISTERS

Written and photographed by Megan Monday

June, 2017








The Leek & The Carrot

"Soil Sisters at Raleigh’s Hillside

Farm + RECIPE: Snap Pea Salad

with Chard Pistachio Pesto."

Written and photographed by Lauren Rudersdorf

July 19, 2017






Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR)

The Larry Meiller Show

"We celebrate Wisconsin Women in

Sustainable and Organic Agriculture

week with two women farmers...We

also talk about food writing and the

upcoming Soil Sisters Weekend."

Hosted by Larry Meiller

July 27, 2017


Listen to the show...





Madison Magazine

"8 ways to walk in a farmers shoes

during Soil Sisters weekend. Experience

rural life during three-day event."

Written by Lauren Rudersdorf

July 25, 2017








Wisconsin State Journal

"Soil Sisters celebrating Wisconsin

women in agriculture."

Written by Bill Novak

July 27, 2017









The Mike Nowak Show

with Peggy Malecki

WCGO Radio, 1590 Chicago

"Changing the world one woman

farmer at a time."

Hosted by Mike Nowak and Peggy Malecki

July 23, 2017


Listen to the radio show...







The Country Today

"Soil Sisters plan farm culinary event

for August."

July 10, 2017









WKOW TV 27 ABC Madison

"Celebrate Wisconsin women in

Organic Agriculture Week with

SOIL SISTERS." Features Kriss

Marion and a recipe for her Sneaky Fruit

Cream Scones

August 1, 2017


Listen to the show...





WORT Radio

A Public Affair Show

"Cultivating change in our food system

with Soil Sisters." Featuring Jen Riemer, 

Anna Landmark and Lisa Kivirist

Hosted by Patty Peltekos

July 31, 2017


Listen to the show...






WMTV Madison (NBC TV 15)

"SOIL SISTERS Weekend supporting

women farmers."

Meghan Reistad, CW News at 9 Anchor

August 2, 2017


Listen to the show...


Media Kit


Media Contact:


Lisa Kivirist, Coordinator

Farmhouse office: 608-329-7056


Professional photos available for media use.


Quick Reference:


Press Release on the Event


Wisconsin Governor Proclamation 2017


Meet the "Soil Sisters"


5 Components of Event


Why focus on women farmers?


Why focus on the soil?


Fact Sheet: Women & Agriculture


Fact Sheet: Highlights of Women-owned Farms and Food Businesses

Past Media Coverage


SOIL SISTERS has attracted wide national and regional media coverage, including some of the outlets below.


Click here for 2016 coverage.


Click here for 2015 coverage.




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