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In the News (from 2016) & Media Kit

Natural Awakenings Magazine

Feature (cover story):

"Women Farmers: Bringing New Values to


by Lisa Kivirist




"Experience a celebration of Wisconsin

farms and rural life"

by Editors of Natural Awakenings

July, 2016








WORT Radio 89.9FM Madison

with Patty Peltekos, Host

WORT Radio

"A Public Affair", Madison

July 26, 2016


Patty Peltekos hosts Kriss Marion, of Circle M Market Farm in Blanchardville; Lauren Rudersdorf, of Raleigh’s Hillside Farm in Evansville; and Lisa Kivirist, of Inn Serendipity Farm and B&B in Browntown.  This year marks the fifth anniversary of the Soil Sisters events in southern Wisconsin, which will take place August 5-7.


Listen to the entire radio segment...






The Mike Nowak Show

Q4 Radio, Chicago

"Sisters of the soil, water and


with hosts Mike Nowak and

Peggy Malecki

July 3, 2016


Jen Riemer and Lisa Kivirist share the inspiring story of female farmer collaboration that has culminated, in part, in the SOIL SISTERS event. 


Listen to the end of the radio show for Soil Sister Jen's offer of a "free pound of ground beef or pork"...







"Women Farmers Connect,

Share and Grow"

by Lisa Kivirist

July 25, 2016


The Soil Sisters event consists of a full weekend of engaging and interactive on-farm activities held the first weekend in August...We’re positively impacting our community, from the food we grow, land we nurture and business we drum up.








ABC Network Affiliate

Madison, Wisconsin

"Wake Up Wisconsin"

with Dani Maxwell, Host

August 1, 2016


Kriss Marion from Circle M Market Farm in Blanchardville appeared on Wake Up Wisconsin to share one of her Napa Cabbage recipes and talk about the event.

Watch to the entire TV segment...









NBC Network Affiliate

Madison, Wisconsin

with Christine Bellport, Host

August 2, 2016


A celebration of Wisconsin farms will be held August 5th-7th at Green County Area Farms. There will be workshops, tours, culinary events and sampling.  Lisa Kivirist shares more, plus a recipe for a delicious cucumber-feta cheese appetizer.


Watch the entire TV segment...








Wisconsin Public Radio

The Larry Meiller Show

with Larry Meiller, Host

"Wisconsin Women in

Sustainable and Organic


August 2, 2016


Our guests, Anna Thomas Bates and Lisa Kivirist, are two advocates for local farming and shopping at local farmers’ markets. They discuss the importance of local producers and talk about women in farming.  The Soil Sisters culinary event is this weekend, Aug. 5-7. The annual event showcases the work of female farmers and sustainable agriculture in Green County, Wisconsin.


Listen to the entire radio segment...






National Geographic

Magazine: The Plate

"This quilt is covered in

dirt - on purpose"

by Whitney Pipkin

June 4, 2016


The quilt would be equal parts science experiment and art installation—an ode to biodiversity as much as beauty—and a muse to inspire conversations about soil’s integral, life-supporting role....Though its once vibrant colors have faded a bit, the quilt will be on display at a Wisconsin Soil Sisters event in August.










Edible Milwaukee

"Wisconsin's Alice in Dairyland,

women farmers grow from

rich history"

by Erika Janik

July, 2016


The Rural Women’s Project organizes daylong “In Her Boots” workshops on women-owned farms throughout the Midwest during the growing season as well as a public tour of women-operated organic farms known as the “Soil Sisters” in south central Wisconsin.











Soilmate Blog

"Soil Sisters Cook, Collaborate

and Celebrate"

by John D. Ivanko and Lisa


July 20, 2016



Never underestimate what

a bunch of women coming

together at a potluck can do.











Rootstock Radio

with Theresa Marquez, Host

June 28, 2016


Lisa Kivirist explains that “ecoprenuer”

is a combination of the words ‘ecology’

and ‘entrepreneur’ saying, “we need

more people out there who blend

their passion for leaving this world

a better place and a greener planet,

with their livelihood and their business.” 

And Soil Sisters are ecopreneurs, in every sense of the word.


Listen to the entire radio segment...






WORT Radio 89.9FM Madison

"Soil Sisters and the

empowering work of farming"

with Patty Peltekos, Host

WORT Radio, "A Public Affair", Madison

June 13, 2016


Soil Sister Lisa Kivirist stopped by the radio studio to share more about the empowering work of women farmers.


Listen to the entire radio segment...





Media Kit


Media Contact:


Lisa Kivirist, Coordinator

Farmhouse office: 608-329-7056


Professional photos available for media use.


Quick Reference:


Press Release on the Event


Wisconsin Governor Proclamation 2017


Meet the "Soil Sisters"


5 Components of Event


Why focus on women farmers?


Why focus on the soil?


Fact Sheet: Women & Agriculture


Fact Sheet: Highlights of Women-owned Farms and Food Businesses

2015 Media Coverage


SOIL SISTERS has attracted wide national and regional media coverage, including some of the outlets below.


Click here for 2015 articles.


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