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In the News (from 2015) & Media Kit

BRAVA Magazine

Feature: Inspired Living

"Soil Sisters Earth Mothers"

by Rachel Werner

photographed by Josh Witzel

June 30, 2015


Nuturing the rural renaissance...For Ends, Carpenter and Kivirist there is little doubt that a female farmer’s life is well lived, allowing her to sow deep roots with happiness and influence on the cusp of blossom.






WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

'Soil Sisters' Sunshine

Skillet Saute

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

July 9, 2015


Kriss Marion of Circle M Market Farm in Blanchardville stopped by Wake Up Wisconsin to share her all-time favorite summer staple recipe: Sunshine Skillet Saute. Marion is part of group of women farmers in the Monroe and Brodhead area that are hosting an event called Soil Sisters.  She'll be teaching several fiber workshops at Circle M Farm along with hosting a bus tour of various farm tour sites.


Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...




MaryJanesFarm Magazine

"Share your soil, sister. 

Host a Farm Tour."

by Lisa Kivirist

May, 2015


Two things we farm women love: our farms and sharing that connection to the land and our food with others. Combine those two passions and what do you get? A farm tour!






WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

'Soil Sister' and farmer Jen

Riemer shares recipe for slow

cooker BBQ Beef Brisket

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

July 1, 2015


A Brodhead farmer shares her make-it-ahead-of-time recipe that will free you up to have more summertime fun.  Jen Riemer of Riemer Family Farm raises cattle, pigs, pastured chicken and Thanksgiving turkeys with her husband. She's also part of the group, "Soil Sisters," women farmers who are hosting an event August 1 and 2 to showcase female-owned farms in southern Wisconsin.


Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...




WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

"Female farmers share recipes

and good food during

"Soil Sisters"

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

June 5, 2015


It's strawberry season and a Green County farmer is sharing her recipe for strawberry dessert pizza.  Lisa Kivirist of Inn Serendipity Farm and Bed & Breakfast is also part of a group of women hosting an even in early August called "Soil Sisters." They celebrate rural flavors on the women-owned farms in south central Wisconsin. The event July 31 to August 2 will include workshops, culinary events and tours.


Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...




Chicago Tribune

Life & Style, Travel

"Wisconsin farms take visitors

down to earth."

by Mary Bergin

June 21, 2015


Wisconsin farmers and foodies are finding more ways to acquaint urbanites with agriculture...Soil Sisters, July 31 to Aug. 2: Women from a dozen or more small, south-central Wisconsin farms (all 150 miles or less from Chicago) team up to share their stories about career transition, self-sufficiency, good cooking and resourcefulness. They want you to eat well, learn, relax and explore the places they call home.






Transition United States (Blog)

"The Power of a Potluck"

by Lisa Kivirist and John Ivanko

May, 2015


There’s power in a community potluck.  It started about five years ago as a regularly scheduled series of on-farm potlucks among local women farmers, homesteaders and home gardeners in and around Green County, Wisconsin.






Women Food and Ag

Network (WFAN) Newsletter

"Farm Tour Success: Four Key

Ingredients from the Soil Sisters"

by Lisa Kivirist

Summer, 2015


As summer rolls in and our farms shine in bountiful abundance, color and beauty, it’s the perfect time to host a farm tour. Blending education with business, a farm tour directly connects your customers with what you are all about and give you the opportunity to personally and authentically share what sustainable agriculture means to you.  That’s exactly what a group of fellow female farmer friends and I will be doing on August 2 as part of a larger weekend event that highlights women farmers in our area of South Central Wisconsin.






The Leek & the Carrot

"The Return of Farm Crush

Friday: Soil Sisters Celebration"

by Lauren

July 10, 2015


One of the dreams of one of the founders of the Green County Women in Ag potluck group was to have a weekend-long celebration of women farmers with workshops, dinners, demonstrations and farm tours in her innovative and inspiring corner of the state.






WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

"Soil Sister" Katharine Kramer

shares recipe for Fresh Heirloom

Tomtato Sauce with Pasta

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

July 14, 2015


Katharine Kramer owns Katharsis Meadows, a 40-acre "sustainable agriculture project" in Green County. She raises free range chickens and Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat, goats for milk soap and meat, and pastured Berkshire pigs.  She'll be teaching a workshop "Eggs, Sprouts and Farm Critters" on August 1 especially designed for families with young kids.  Her hands-on workshop fee is $40 per family (not per person); click to register for her 10am - noon or 1 - 3pm workshop.


Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...

 (International Blog)

"SOIL SISTERS: United in Bounty"

by John D. Ivanko and Lisa Kivirist

July 15, 2015


The Soil Sisters represent a movement, of sorts. Women owning 20 Wisconsin farms and food operations have risen together and organized a grand celebration overflowing with classes, fresh and artisan food, farm visits and family activities. EcoGo applauds their initiative and agritourism draw.







WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

Soil Sisters: Recipe for Tomato

& Fennel Salad with homemade

Polenta Croutons

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

July 21, 2015


Cow & Quince in New Glarus is hosting a culinary event as part of the larger "Soil Sisters" weekend in southern Wisconsin.  The restaurant in New Glarus will host the "Taste of Place" on Saturday, August 1 from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., featuring flavors of the season and an opportunity to meet farmers and food artisans responsible for what's on your plate. 


Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...






Natural Awakenings Magazine



Home Kitchen Skills

July, 2015


Many of the activities are aimed at families with kids that will be happy to be greeted by goats, sheep, chickens or emus.






WMTV TV 15 - Hot Trends

(local NBC TV affiliate)

by Ashley Matthews,

Morning Show Anchor

July 28, 2015


Kriss Marion with Circle M Market Farm and Lisa Kivirist with Inn Serendipity are part of an amazing group of women called Soil Sisters.


Watch the entire TV segment ...




WKOW "Wake Up Wisconsin"

(local ABC TV affiliate)

"Potato and kale salad from

Sandhill Family Farms

by Dani Maxwell, Host, WKOW TV 27, "Wake Up Wisconsin"

July 27, 2015


As Wisconsin marks "Women in Sustainable and Organic Agriculture" week, females are showing off their family-owned farms.  Peg Sheaffer owns and operates Sandhill Family Farms in Brodhead with her husband, Matt. Monday, she shared a recipe for Potato and Kale Salad with Dijon Vinaigrette. Peg says she picked a dish using produce that was available right now. Her son dug out the potatoes over the weekend. 



Watch the entire TV segment and get the recipe...




Media Kit


Media Contact:


Lisa Kivirist, Coordinator

Farmhouse office: 608-329-7056


Professional photos available for media use.


Quick Reference:


Press Release on the Event


Wisconsin Governor Proclamation 2015


Meet the "Soil Sisters"


5 Components of Event


Why focus on women farmers?


Why focus on the soil?


Fact Sheet: Women & Agriculture


Fact Sheet: Highlights of Women-owned Farms and Food Businesses

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