Date/Time: Saturday, August 7, 2021, 4 pm – 8 pm

Location: Dorothy's Range, Blanchardville, WI

Join farmer April Prusia and ecologist Steve Fabos for an intimate “Farrow to Fork”  farm-to-table dining experience featuring April’s heritage pastured pork raised at Dorothy’s Range.  Gather around the community table and dine under the rustic lofted barn beams for this one-of-a-kind local culinary experience.


Start your evening with a farm tour of Dorothy’s Range and meet the pampered pigs, including Large Black hogs and Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS), the pork of the Royal Family for generations!  Experience the “farrow to finish” process and understand why happy pastured pigs produce flavorful, marbled meat, both high in vitamin D and Omega 3.  Walk through the prairie and learn about the various native plants and cycles.


Dinner menu includes Dorothy’s Range pastured pork along with seasonal vegetable side dishes.  Connect with others out for the Soil Sisters weekend with family-style meal service.  Pass the pork!  Dinner items can be made without gluten.  Bring your own beverages.  Coolers, pitches of herbal tea, ice, fruit, glassware, and bubbly mixer materials will be on hand.   Keep in mind that this is at a farm, so dress for the weather and anticipate a unique experience.

Price:  $92 per person.

Tickets are non-refundable.


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This culinary event is for adults, ages 21 and



Space limited to the first 40 paid reservations.


About Dorothy’s Range LLC

Dorothy’s Range LLC
is a 78 acre farm that brings farming and ecology together with an emphasis on sharing and educating.   The pigs have helped to restore the upland prairie, the pigs were pastured on cool season grasses, making way for the warm native grasses and flowers to emerge.  The rare Gloucestershire Old Spots and Large Black hogs are pastured, fed a local organic rations of grains, as well as hay in the winters.
“Raising pigs in their natural setting, producing both happy animals and quality flavorful meat is my passion.  Pigs are amazing, intelligent, playful animals that are a joy to watch.  I’m especially keen on bringing back some of the lost heritage breeds of hogs, breeds that are exceptional in taste but don’t fit the current large-scale industrial model and are becoming lost.  I’m proud that Dorothy’s Range is one of only a few Wisconsin farms currently raising the Gloucestershire Old Spots and look forward to introducing you to taste the difference!”
–  Farmer April Prusia, Dorothy’s Range

Heritage Pork is sold at the farm and local farmers’ markets. Piglets are sold to small farms as breeding stock and feeder hogs.  The Range offers rooms for rent and an opportunity to explore the trout stream, tall grass prairie, upland short grass prairie, burr oak savannah, sedge meadow, pig pastures and large gardens. The Range includes 78 acres with four buildings that host farm guests, heritage hogs and happy hens. Three barns have been revived. The old hog barn has been restored with the help of Frontera Foundation and host some of the pigs in the winter. The Dairy Barn has a wall of windows that offer views of the natural driftless local landscape. An old outbuilding now hosts guests in what is called the Cottage House.

Sunsets are Spectacular

Farm-to-Table Dinner

at Dorothy's Range

Dine in a Beautifully Restored Barn!
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